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My Product Dimensions

This is the design squiggle. Created by Daniel Newman in the early 2000s, this illustration of the design process depicts a journey from wild and explorative to purposeful and tactical.


When I first saw this, I immediately identified with it.
The design community also rallied around it. It’s the most agreed upon diagram of successful design, and is commonly used to prepare clients on what to expect from a design project.

This is the reality of design thinking. I believe all designers need to know it well.
  • Good designers seek experience in all parts of the squiggle.
  • Design leaders learn to navigate a project through the squiggle.
  • Rock stars capitalize on a natural aptitude in part of the squiggle.

Good product relies on both sides of the squiggle. I believe that any competitive organization needs product thinking that covers the whole range of design thinking.

So what’s it to you?

Employee fit is critically important in a product & design organization. Let’s use the squiggle as a guide to show where my strengths lie. 

Product exploration is what I’m truly best at. I’m a natural here.

I developed this strength midway in my career when I went back to school and started my consulting career. Wild curiosity and explosive ideation is where I shine. I am driven to do it with purpose.

I can explore a problem space.
  • I collaborate with business stakeholders and subject experts.
  • I’m a creative facilitator.
  • I’m seasoned in primary research and synthesis.
  • I’m a machine for generating creative solutions.
  • I sketch and prototype.
  • I can convey ideas within the context of a business problem.
  • I collaborate to define a way forward through strategies.

I wrangle the mess of creativity to find successful product strategy.

I’m also very good at design delivery. It’s where I started.

I’ve spent my career crafting and shipping products for product organizations—those with warehouses, servers, or clouds—and working processes for getting things into customers’ hands.

I can deliver product well. 
  • I’m at home working with or directing a production team
  • I have practical design skills and sensibilities from years of experience.
  • I manage the design process,  prioritizing and sequencing work.
  • I’m technical, not just creative.
  • I plan and execute testing.
  • I understand the realities of business, production and tech stacks.
  • I’ve worked across a range of media and product channels.

I am able to reliably accelerate successful products to market.

Most importantly:

Covering both bases is just the start. My work involves navigating the whole squiggle as a senior design leader. 

Organizations need to have ideas and deliver them well. I’ve devoted my career to exploring the parts and the whole of this equation. I want to bring these high standards to product organizations who are engaged in the toughest challenges of building an amazing future.

The Process of Design Squiggle by Damien Newman,

all work © will capellaro and clients