My Product Dimensions

This is the design squiggle. Created by Daniel Newman in the early 2000s, this illustration of the design process depicts a journey from wild and explorative to purposeful and tactical.


When I first saw this, I immediately identified with it.
The design community also rallied around it. It’s the most agreed upon diagram of successful design, and is commonly used to prepare clients on what to expect from a design project.

This is design thinking. I believe that all designers needs to know this process.
  • Good designers seek experience in all parts of the squiggle.
  • Design leaders learn to navigate a project through the squiggle.
  • Rock stars capitalize on a natural aptitude in part of the squiggle.

Good product relies on both sides of the squiggle. I believe that any competitive organization needs product thinking that covers the whole range of design thinking.

My Squiggle.

Let me point out where my strengths and experience fit in.

Product exploration is what I’m truly best at. I’m a natural here.

I developed my strengths in exploratory research and design midway in my career. The passion was always there, but I actively developed it when I went back to school and started my consulting career. Wild curiosity and explosive ideation—with purpose—is where I shine.

I can explore a problem space with stakeholders. I work with executive management and clients to help understand the problem space and the business context.

I’m seasoned in primary research. I’ve  collaborated on tons of field and internal research efforts. I have also planned, lead and delivered entire discovery projects.

I am an idea generation machine. I’ve wallpapered conference rooms with concepts, and developed countless conceptual prototypes.

I’m a creative facilitator. I help rooms of people stop talking about their problems and start sketching solutions.

I find successful strategy. I synthesize research and validate team concepts in order to make sure the thing that ships is the right thing.

I accelerate new products. With a blue sky vision defined, I am able to plan design and development for a proof-of-concept and MVP product.

I’m also very good at design delivery. It’s where I started.

I’ve spent my career crafting and shipping product for product organizations—hose with warehouses, servers, or clouds—and a process to getting good product into customer hands. I’m a professional who focuses creativity well.

I’m good at delivery mode. I’ve designed and delivered product in multiple channels. I’ve learned the tools and craft of each domain, and used it to deliver great products efficiently.

I’m technical, not just creative. I like to figure out how things work and how they’re made. I’m able to speak the language of engineers, scientists, and other specialists. I know enough about the hands-on work (code, 3D) to enable the conversations that find new solutions rapidly.

I know how to work within a production team. XXX XXX

I can find and follow patterns for success. Focused creativity uses tactics that has previously worked. I like learning what that is for each organization. And then building on it.

I’m experienced. I have a depth of experience from multiple projects in various media. I can plan and manage projects in these spaces. I’ve observed the successes of various products strategies, and know what is required for a successful execution.

My work involves the whole process.

Organizations need both sides of the squiggle. Fine tuning won’t steer the ship; Dynamic organizations need open creativity most to compete a disruptive market and fuel growth. Good ideas require great execution; Organizations with successful processes and product that want to hold onto their successful model need focused creativity. Knowing how to successfully traverse both sides of the squiggle is part of my process. I want to bring that rigor and raise the already-high bar at successful product organizations.

The Process of Design Squiggle by Damien Newman,

all work © will capellaro and clients