Howdy BrickLink, Halløjsa LEGO Group, Salutations Studio!

I wanted to keep this brief, but having an embarrassment of qualifications makes it hard to do so. I tried my best, and achieved a successful failure; Here’s the result, which is the minimum I feel you should know about me.


I am an extremely solid product designer. This means…

  • Years and years of PD experience, which…
    • Exposed to me all kinds of projects and products.
    • Gave me an impressive toolbox of UX/Product Design and Art Direction skills.
  • Vast skill breadth, meaning…
    • I’m an expert at crafting responsive web experiences, desktop apps, as well as other media.
    • I’ve designed simple-to-complex functional apps, as well as art-directed lush experiences, and developed product branding and brands.
    • I’ve helped users in a wide variety of environments that spans work, play, and life.
  • Clutch superpowers…
    • Profound power to bring design thinking to life.
    • Design research chops to nurture teams with a deep understanding of users.
    • Cultural diplomacy skills to make sure that engineering, design, and PMO are in sync.
    • And management/diplomacy skills to deliver value from these “extra” talents while still being a day-to-day contributor.


My experience is superbly relevant to the role, specifically…

  • Years in the toy industry.
  • eCom and other transactional app experience.
  • Long track record of making users successful.
  • Long track record of driving biz outcomes through design.
  • Long track record of developing new products and brands.
  • Deep and lifelong experience with LEGO (and a social AFOL).

And, most importantly...


I’m good to work with. That really just means what it means. But also…

  • I'm comfortable and adaptable in any good organization.
  • I uplift colleagues and help develop creative culture.

I can speak to these points, and more (also less), if we connect later. Most of these have specific examples of projects or other details I can cite. Hopefully, something here inspired some key questions, just as I have to ask about the working group and role. And if you’d like any clarification or additional examples of work, just reach out, my 4131 is always open.


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