Employee Assessment Application

The Chally Assessment

Using design and project managment basics to breathe new life into a 45-year-old performance assessment and 20-year-old enterprise platform.

The Challenge

Create a single web platform to deliver an enterprise platform and customer-facing testing tools.

My Role

I was the sole design contributor on this project, working with a PM and a small dev team.

GrowthPlay is a sales enablement company that uses results from a digital questionnaire to help sales organizations hire the best talent and leverage their employees’ strengths. The test was reliable but dated. The look and feel impacted usability and undermined the test product's credibility. In addition, dated enterprise tools used to administer testing created a burden for GrowthPlay’s efficiency.

My consultancy, Devbridge, was engaged in re-platforming both customer- and internal-facing sides of their product, shipping a functional base product that performed all basic tasks successfully. We provided an extremely capable base product with extensibility so they could continue to develop the platform themselves. This was a rapid-response project, both lean and agile, to apply largely practical design and product principles to the product we were building.

Profile reports as exportable pdfs. While print-able reports were a client requirement, the designs were optimized for web viewing.

This started with a design sprint to explore the client’s product and brand space and develop some visual concepts that would help align on a design language that matched the client’s brand, product’s position in the marketplace, and what it needed to represent to the user.
Design Concept B:
“Bold & Modern”

I was the sole designer on this project, collaborating with my design manager, critique group, and the client's head of marketing. My teams’ client partners trusted us to do our job, and we continued to earn that trust by staying checked in with them to make sure we were solving the right problems.

The Chally Assessment, desktop screen.

GrowthPlay continues to improve its internal tech stack and customer experience based on the product increment Devbridge developed. In December of 2019, GrowthPlay’s platform won a Bronze Award from the Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards in Technology.

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