Employee Assessment Application

The Chally Assessment

Breathing life into a 45-year-old performance assessment through design basics.

The Challenge

That was the employee-facing front end; the admin side also had problem. It was painfully technical—a kludge of multiple back end systems. Training new people in these systems was extremely challenging.

My Role

I was the sole design contributor on this project, working with a PM and an excellent Lithuanian development team.

GrowthPlay is a sales talent enablement team that uses a simple survey-like test to help employers leverage their employees’ strengths. The test was reliable, but a dated design impacted usability and undermined the platform's credibility.

Devbridge was engaged in improving both the of the front and back end together, and by doing so, give the small tech organization within GrowthPlay a head start towards completing a full refactor themselves. 

This was a textbook design project without any considerable curveballs. Prioritization with limited resources was the Tetris-like challenge: we wanted to make 

My principal activities included:
  • Conducting user research with stakeholders and admins to understand current systems. We were transforming how the companies operate their business. Though there no expectation that our technology would result in redundancies, we nevertheless tread carefully into people’s lives sensitive to this implication.
  • Working with the client’s industrial-organizational psychologist to developing an understanding of the current testing product—both systematically and the test taker experience.
  • Reviewing designs to align the team and client. We modernized the design, delivered much-needed usability, and applied the client’s visual branding.  
  • Working with engineers on a scrum team to define, design, deliver and test product features.
  • User testing the assessment (on mobile and desktop) and assessment results (both digital and a printable pdf) with test takers and stakeholders.
  • Explorating data visualization options for customers with high volumes of employee data.

This project had an excellent client partner who trusted us to do our job. We continued to earn that trust by staying checked in with them to make sure we were solving the right problems.

GrowthPlay continues to improve its internal tech stack and customer experience based on the product increment Devbridge developed.

The assessment template

Continue on for a visual walkthrough of the design process.

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