Energy Utility SaaS App


Current role. I’m leading design on an effort to build a data dashboard that American businesses use to reduce their energy impact.

The Challenge

Design for a digital transformation of an app.

My Role

Lead designer. I’m a design team of one, but planning to scale soon.

As in progress work, this is not a full case study, but one I feel passionate about sharing due to its environmental relevance. And whatever your industry, the Earth environment is critically important). I’m passionately committed to making this app as good as it can be. We won’t find another planet as good as this one.

Shown above and here, is the core enteprise app that more and more utilities use to help their customers implement energy saving changes.

This started with a design sprint to explore the client’s product and brand space and develop some visual concepts that would help align on a design language that matched the client’s brand, product’s position in the marketplace, and what it needed to represent to the user.
Next year I will be focusing on improving the consumer experience for utility customers. For now, I research and otherwise prepare. 

I’m leading a project to modernize how Utilities send reports to their customers.

The Agentis Platform is experiencing wild success in signing up Utility Clients across the US. A design team presence helps land these deals as well as improve adoption through better-performing product.   

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